Exhibition Systems

The advanced SYMA technology permits many variations on a long term basis within one system range, but different systems can also be mixed together.

The carefully coordinated interplay of profile systems, joining technologies and accessories opens up enormous vista of creative freedom, which is appreciated by many especially in the areas of exhibition stand construction, architecture or in technical applications.

Depending on the customer needs, square, multi-sided or round basis-profiles can be chosen. The respective joining technology can be combined with SYMA supplementary solutions such as bearing systems, framework structures or pre-constructed façades.

Naturally, these too are compatible and permit even more attractive design options. And complete solutions such as multi-level designs, dome or cylinder structures, and tent-roof pavilions can be realized by SYMA with equal proficiency.

These can be planned easily and in a minimum of time because of their modular structure.

pdfSYMA-ORBIT Standard Units